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Do you run to a small or mid-sized nonprofit? Tracking donations the old-fashioned way can take hours of your time each week - hours that are better spent doing what matters to your organization.

But if you've ever looked into using software for your nonprofit, you've probably visited websites where, after reading everything, you ask yourself "what exactly does this thing do?". Don't worry - we've been to those sites, too. And so we built Whistling Duck from the ground up on a simple principle:

Organizing your nonprofit does not have to be complicated.

Whistling Duck is simple database software built for small nonprofits. It was designed to be a pleasure to use, and we don't sell training packages because you won't need them. Our goal is for you to be productive within the first 5 minutes of signing up, and Whistling Duck has been lovingly crafted to be easy to use for organizations without huge budgets or paid staff.

So what does Whistling Duck do, exactly? We're glad you asked:

Donor tracking

Never lose a contact's information again.

At its heart, Whistling Duck is a wonderfully simple nonprofit donor database. Keep track of donors, potential donors, and volunteers all in one consolidated database.

Label your contacts for easy reference.

You won't have to rack your brain when asking "who volunteered for the event last year?". With Whistling Duck's labels you'll have their contact information at your finger tips with a single search.

Donation tracking

Log all of your donations in one place.

Forgetting who gave you a donation or what it was for means you've lost an opportunity to thank and connect with your donors. Whistling Duck tracks all types of donations - cash, check, credit card, in-kind - anything. Donations are linked to donors so you can follow up and make notes about how they are to be used.

Track your donations by method, date, or custom tags.

Using Whistling Duck's donation tracking, you can quickly find out "how many of our donations are by check vs. cash?" or "what percentage of donations was from the auction?".

Easy tax receipts

Print tax receipts and mailing labels in seconds.

One of the most time-consuming tasks any nonprofit must do is sending thank you letters and tax receipts. If you log your donations in Whistling Duck, you'll automatically be tracking your follow-ups as well. Personalize your thank you notes, and then print mailing labels and tax receipts for the donors who need follow-ups. Save oodles of time.

So now you know what Whistling Duck can do. Whistling Duck is committed to saving you time by making your tasks as easy to do as possible. But we don't stop with just software. We are here to answer any and every question you have. We want you to be successful in the long term, and so we also have some "intangibles" to help you along the way:

Borderline-fanatical customer support

We want you to love Whistling Duck. We want you to know about all of the great features it has that can save you time and help you raise money. So we are here to answer your questions and help with your problems, whatever they may be.

All support is over email. If that concerns you, we totally understand. We only ask that you give it a shot. Seriously, ask us anything just to try us out, and we bet we'll be able to help you one way or the other.

Safe, secure, in the cloud

Everything in Whistling Duck is stored online in the "cloud", so you can access your database from any computer with an internet connection. We do daily database backups so your data will not be lost.

Whistling Duck is served over a 256-bit encryption SSL connection, which means your data is transmitted between your computer and our servers securely.

If you're not sure if Whistling Duck would work for your organization, maybe there's something we can answer for you? Ultimately, we might not be the right solution for you (and that's fine!), but if you aren't quite sure drop us a line and we'll joyfully give you what info we can.

If you think Whistling Duck might be right for your organization, woohoo! The next step would be to sign up for a free account. The trial period is unlimited, with no obligations or credit card required. It takes less than a minute to sign up, and then you can really test drive the software to see if it's all we've hyped it to be.

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We hope we've answered any questions you have at this point, but if not, please let us know. We love hearing from you. Seriously. Even if it's just saying "hi". Go ahead, email us just to say "hi".

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